About Petra Tours Ethiopia

African Petra Tour and Travel Ethiopia is one of the most organized, highly effective and privately owned tour operators in Ethiopia. African Petra Tour and Travel has been giving high quality services in the tourism sector. The company is established with the aim of providing efficient and professional services to its Clients. All our programs are designed to the interest of the individual traveler; be it History, Culture, Nature, Paleo-anthropology, Flora & Fauna, Safari, and/or Adventure tours. Our company ensures that you get your tour experience the way you want.

Staff Attitude

Our company has staff members who are courteous, caring and qualified Ethiopian professional team with a great depth of experience of handling small and large groups. The team members are knowledgeable in the field of Tour and Travel operation in Ethiopia. Our guides are polyglot, helpful and flexible, devotedly working for the practicalities of paper itineraries.

Tour Vehicles

African Petra Tour and Travel is well equipped with a range of reliable and insured vehicles including buses, minibus, Land-cruisers 4x4, etc. It can also provide the necessary staff and camping materials for trekking and adventurous expedition tours.

Complementary Services

As a complementary services, African Petra Tour and Travel-Ethiopia provides an outstanding standard car rental service in Ethiopia at mainly competitive rate. Our car hires rate is competitive with a fleet of clean and new vehicles that varies from run-around luxury. Moreover African Petra Tour and Travel prides itself on the experience of providing an excellent car rental service in Ethiopia. Our 4X4 vehicles are also ready for any low budget travelers at a very cheap price to make your trip so special.

What is peculiar about us?

We specialize in tailor made (customized tour) to the northern historic and southern people and cultural sites. We also organize tours to the off the beaten track destinations including the Danakil region based on our clients wish or request.

African Petra Tour and Travel is confident that you will find our work and professionalism amongst the best available in the country.

Why our company is called Petra?

The name of our company has been derived from the “African Petra”, which means the second Jerusalem. King Lalibella was a devoted Christian Leader of the Zagwe Dynasty. During his reign (13th century), Ethiopia was relatively peaceful. However, Jerusalem (The Holy Land) was at war. As Saladin’s Muslim army and European crusaders battle for control, pilgrimages to Jerusalem become nearly impossible and Ethiopians were cut off from the spiritual place of their religion.

Then king Lalibella had a dream in which God call on him to build a new Jerusalem; a safe place to worship for his people. Lalibella is a site of 11 remarkable rock-hewn monolithic churches. The layout of the churches unearth the key moments in the lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

A cluster of 6 churches to the north stand for Jerusalem, the city of his death. Four to the south represent his birth place, Bethlehem. And between them runs an artificial canal named River Jordan, after the spot where Jesus Christ was baptized. All of them are connected with each other by tunnels and trenches. Today, these churches are known as the 8th Wonder of the World. The churches were registered under the list of world Heritage Site in 1978.

African Petra Tour and Travel Ethiopia - Gondar castle north-east ethiopia


We at African Petra Tour and Travel, are proud to keep the significance of Lalibella as one of the glorious historical relics of Ethioia alive. Most of all we are proud to share its history and wonder with you.


African Petra Tour and Travel Ethiopia - Gondar castle north-east ethiopia