Petra Tours Ethiopia - Travel Tips

The following points are provided with good faith and as aids to your travel preparation:

Luggage Information:

You are welcome to bring a normal-sized suitcase as well as a small carry-on bag. The handling of the normal-sized suitcase will be our responsibility while moving from place to place duiring the tour and the carry-on will be yours. Your Tour guide or bell man will arrange for the suitcases to get to your room. On travel days, your Tour Manager will give you the time your bag should be available for pick-up by the bell man.


Note: If your tour is a flight one, airlines have strict regulations concerning luggage weight allowance. You may be asked to pay an additional fee at the airport if your luggage weight exceeds 25kg.

Incidental Charges:

While staying at your lodging, costs you incur for phone calls, room service, laundry, and other special services are your responsibility. Please take care of these charges as soon as possible, either the night before or on the morning of departure, being mindful that your tour’s departure is not delayed.


When people go out of their way to do their best, providing extra service with a smile, you like to reward them for a job well done. Since most people would like to say a special “thank you” to their Tour guide and driver, may we suggest the following guidelines: (especially if the group is comprised of five to twelve people ) A gratuity of $3 to $5 per person per day for your Tour guide ; $2 per person per day for your driver. These individuals are with you throughout the entire tour, so please use your own judgment and tip according to services rendered. Please handle this on an individual basis – the best way to present this gratuity is in an envelope with your name on it. We request that group collections not be taken.


Ethiopia uses 220 volts 50 cycles AC.


Outside Addis Ababa, generally only 100 ASA film is available. As a matter of courtesy, permission should be sought before photographing individuals and in many parts of the country, particularly among the ethnic groups living by the Omo River, people will demand a fee. In some sites (Blue Nile Falls for example) there is a charge for video photography.


Ethiopia is in the GMT+3 hours time Zone. It follows the Julian calendar, which consists of twelve months of 30 days and a 13th month of five or six days.